Completed: Cunningham Falls Sweater

I began this project in November 2016. Kristen Jancuk (MediaMeruana Designs) needed testers, not for an FO but for a WIP, so I didn’t need to hurry the completion of this project. In my mind, it took forever, but checking my photos, I see that it was completed in February 2017. I used to be able to finish a sweater in a much shorter time but, all in all, it was not bad.

I enjoy knitting simple sweaters with a yoke motif, and this one looked so beautiful that once I knew there wasn’t a deadline, I decided to join as a pattern tester.

I used a gorgeous teal tone from Garnstudio DROPS Merino Extra Fine. As I needed to substitute the originally recommended yarn, it took me some adjustments to get the right gauge. This is a problem I often encounter, so I recommend knitting a swatch to make sure the sweater will fit. Mine has a little bit more negative ease than what the pattern calls for but I actually prefer it my sweaters like this.

I wanted to use a merino yarn I can’t stand regular wool against my neck, and this cowl was going to be unwearable for me on regular wool. Merino is more pricey but for many garments, it’s the only material I can wear due to my atopic skin.

This was a mindless knit, as it’s knitted in the round and has few embellishments. It’s knit from the bottom up and it features a raglan sleeve. I think it sits quite well on the shoulders and it’s very flattering. The yarn is DK weight but the sweater is surprisingly warm. I’m very happy about how it turned out.