Walking towards the light

After the longest night of the year I like to think of this one as a bit shorter and the one of tomorrow even more. We are walking towards the light, finally, after a very long Winter. And for me this is not only about seasons. Very soon we’ll be moving to Southern areas, to the light and to the warmth. But not too warm as to completely forget about my knitting. I expect to wear my Firstfall Convertible Mitts still for some time in the South.

These mitts were a very interesting knit, but I missed a knitting chart when making them, since the pattern had only written instructions. Good that I learned Norwegian purl a couple of months before, since it it was priceless to knit this. Formed by reversible cables and made by 100% merino wool, at the beginning, just to avoid spoling them, I refused to use them on a daily basis to go to work and I wore them exclusively during weekends; but I got so used to them because they are very warm, very soft and very yummy, that I wear them now every day. The merino wool pilled off a bit but I don’t care. My hands are warm and I can uncover my fingers when needed.

And you? What do you prefer? Bought gloves or knitted ones?