Recommendation: Canary Sanctuary

After a couple of years in Ravelry it’s always pleasant to discover designs that I’ve never stumble upon. And when that happens I always say “but how have I never seen this before!?”. Today it happened with some designs of CanarySanctuary.

Checking the last things made by my friends, I discovered this Sexy Vesty from Lady Rowena. This is the original:

I quite liked it and I decided to visit CanarySanctuary’s Ravelry page. I discovered some wonderful designs, and after some “wow’s” I made a selection to post here. The first it MidWinter Wanderer. I think my next cowl is going to be this one.

Solstice Stag reminded me a little bit of Halliard, my first sweater, with sidelong cables.

I also loved the lines of Corona. And I will definitely try it one day.

But the one that enamored me most was Alatus, that I’ve already added to my queue and it’s in second position. Very soon I’ll tell you what’s first. I’m thinking of making it in a light color yarn to make the wings more visible and I will probably go for merino since I’m allergic to 100% wool. We’ll see 🙂

Don’t you think these designs are awesome?