It’s been one month since last time I wrote something here. This last four weeks have been a bit hectic due to our moving from Brussels to Madrid. The 14th the moving company came to put everything in boxes and take them away, and the next day we were also gone.

We visited around 15 or 16 apartments in two days, and one of the last apartments we’ve seen the second day was the perfect for us. In our favorite area (Malasaña), with gas heating, airco, good materials and very close to the public transport. I should add that it’s very close to a square that it’s always full with dogs and children. I love the sound of dogs and children!

During the first days I explored the area looking for wool shops and I’ve already found four! The closest one is called La Guerra de los Botones, and the girls there are very friendly and they periodically organize diverse workshops.

But when our boxes arrived I realized that my stash is… how to say it, … huge. My wool was inside a big box like the ones they use for clothes and light items, about a meter high. And there was also a bit more in a other two boxes. Ups, did I really have ALL this wool at home in that little corner of the living room?? So I think I have to stop my compulsion of buying wool if I don’t have a project in mind, and the wool I already have, I should use it as soon as possible!

This apartment is smaller than the one in Brussels, and we are still drowned in boxes. We finally bought a bed with big drawers under and I stuffed my wool there in the meantime while we don’t get something for the living room. I was also knitting something, but that goes into another post 🙂


  1. Lo de las cajas ya está casi solucionado. Sólo quedan dos y el piso está mucho más habitable. Las lanas fue de las primeras cosas que saqué y guardé a buen recaudo 😉


  2. Un momento, un momento, un momento!!!!!
    Estás en Madrid???
    Y ya has conocido a mi Sionita????
    esto de la maternidad, ha hecho que me pierda un acontecimiento super importante!!!!!
    me alegro mucho de que hayas dejado el gris y el frío!, de que estés de nuevo en este país de pandereta que ahora mismo no va muy bien, pero que al fin y al cabo es el nuestro!
    y me alegro otro montonazo que hayas dado con Siona y sus amigas de las agujas!!!
    a ver si recuperamos el contacto y nos ponemos al día!

  3. Pues sí, aquí estamos, por fin, después de casi tres años de larga y dura espera. Claro que tenemos que ponernos al día, y espero que te vaya todo muy bien con tu little Butterfly 🙂

    Ay, Siona, qué rápido hablé. Encontré toda la lana excepto por los ovillos restantes del jersey que estoy haciendo en este momento. Qué drama.

    Besos a las dos

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