Leaving the frenzy behind

This year I decided to start with the presents for Christmas in advance. I didn’t want again long and late hours of knitting just to be able to finish the presents. I accomplished the first part, the starting, even though the result was more or less like last year: long and late knitting hours. I had done my homework and planning right, but just in the middle of it, something unexpected came. Bad news and good news. Bad news because I had to struggle again to finish the knitted garments, but very good news because somebody unexpected started appreciating hand-made stuff. At the end it meant not only one but two hand-made presents for her.

I don’t want to go further into this now. I’m still recovering from Christmas and Christmas presents. Trying to accommodate again to my daily life and getting some sleep when I can. It’s so true that we often need vacation from being on vacation.

This is what I am knitting now. I started while on the train back to Madrid. I have the feeling that with all those cables I’m way too slow but I don’t mind. I had a lot of fast and stressful knitting during the last couple of months. I can manage.

The changing tones on the colour of this cardigan remind me of a sunset.

Two years ago we went to immortalize the last sunset of the year. Last year and this it was impossible because of the heavy rain. So I treasure this… until I get another one.


  1. Your unset photo is bringing all my camping trips to mind. I want to go camping, now! Freija is a fantastic knit, really interesting design. I’m anxious to see yours finished, it will be lovely.

  2. I would like to go camping if it was Summer! I wanted to knit Freija for more than a year, but I felt it was a bit too complicated and that it would take forever with all those cables. And there were more interesting projects. Now that I started with it I know it will take some time, but I’m sure it will be worth it 🙂

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