Sister’s socks (Xmas present number 5)

Choosing a present for my sister was far more difficult than for the others. As far as I knew she despised knitted garments, she has lots of fancy stuff and my sense of fashion is light years far from hers. She’s the one who wears fancy stuff, I’m the one who wears comfortable clothes. So I almost decided to get her a handbag, but somehow all the ones I’d seen in shops looked hideous to me (maybe I was just left behind by fashion).

While I was busy working as fast as possible on my mother’s Nashiraย and counting the hours and rows to go, I got a call from my sister. It was more or less one week before Christmas. During the call she urged me to make her a pair of socks (!).

I don’t need to say that this took me completely by surprise. My sister? And she wants me to knit her something? Knitted socks?

I have to explain that due to the crisis, the children decoration shop where my sister used to work closed last September, and she was offered a job at a sortingdepot. The place where she works now is quite cold and she has often cold feet. After hearing wonders about the socks I made for my mother (she confessed to have worn them for almost a week before the heating was turned on her building), she also wanted a pair.

Since my mother (ha, she was also in trouble) proposed to exchange presents on the Three-Wise-Men day (January 6th) I finally made it, because I finished this pair the last day of the year. I didn’t make anything fancy (no time for that), so I made again Hermione’s everyday socks.

I had to adapt my recipe to my sister’s size (larger than mine), and it took me a while to figure out how to adjust the heel, but the result was as good as always.

The feet in the pictures are mine. That’s why I’m wearing another pair of socks underneath. My feet are too small for this socks, and I’m quite proud that they finally came out with the right size. My sister already worn them at work. And I’m also happy that another member of the family learned to appreciate knitted stuff. All is not lost ๐Ÿ™‚


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