1 year in Madrid

Time goes fast. Ten days ago we had an anniversary. It was 1 year since we first arrive in Madrid. That hectic week looking for an apartment. And we were lucky, very lucky, so lucky that we found our apartment on our second day of search. Our tiny apartment in the heart of the charming area of Malasaña. Malasaña, with its narrow streets, few cars and people outside at every hour of the day and the night. The pedestrian square close to our apartment, always full of teenagers, kids, people with dogs, wonderful cacophony of sounds.

The apartment is quite smaller than the one we had in Brussels, but it’s a jewel in this part of the city, crammed with very old buildings. Ours is also old, but it was completely renovated inside 8 years ago. This picture is from when the apartment was still empty and we were mounting our Ikea bed:

Today is a bit greyish, but yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, like the ones that welcomed us in Madrid one year ago. We have Winter here too, a rainy day here and there, but it feels shorter than in Brussels and you often have those sunny days that completely blind you and make you smile, leaving you with blue, pinks and oranges.



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