New adventure

With enormous desires of learning new things this year and a secret crazy project on my mind, I’ve been searching for an online shop where I could buy this:


Oh, yeah, I really want to learn how to spin. I tried an online shop that I already knew but they’d ran out of initiation spinning kits. After searching a bit I found another online shop in Spain which also sells spinning kits at a fair price, and without thinking twice I made my order.

It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to open it. It contains three kinds of fiber: wool, merino and dyed merino; a drop spindle made by Ashford; and written instructions on how to do it, including a link to Youtube:

When I first opened it I was very afraid to touch it and ruin the wool. I was very pleased with the woolly smell filling my nostrils, which reminded me a lot of the smell of the Cascade Eco Wool that I used for my Owls. I should now learn to use it and nothing better than Youtube to find more educational videos. This is the first of three videos and I totally recommend them:


Despite the initial fear, after watching the instructional videos, I couldn’t stop myself from starting to play with my new toy:

It looks a bit fuzzy, but I’m not too worried. I should get better with some practice. I’ve already learned that as I’m a beginner, I should atenuate all the fiber before starting to spin, since it’s a crucial step and it’s difficult to do it even while you’re busy spinning.


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