Mad Men Dress Challenge

Here is my dress for the challenge. It’s based in a couple of dresses but I did not buy any special fabric since I knew I lacked time and this was not going to be a masterpiece. I recently found a shop here in Madrid where they have very cheap but good fabrics. Apparently they bought an old shop where the previous owner had lots of fabrics in store. The new owner doesn’t really know all they have and he’s selling vintage fabrics ridiculously cheap. I bought mine for 6.25 euros (2.5 meters). I made the pattern myself and I confess I had some troubles adjusting the skirt. I’m pear shaped and it’s not easy to make something for my huge hips. Taking into account the rush, I’m pleased with the result. I have one more dress to wear at dance parties.

After all the rush to finish it on time (I was almost feeling like the guys at the Great British Sewing Bee) I had an issue with my pictures. My SD card got somehow corrupted and most of the pictures were damaged, being much less then 1 MB and almost entirely grey. I wanted to throw my dress, the camera and my laptop against the wall, but I got over it and found a wonderful software that I can’t stop from recommending: it’s called Photorescue Expert and it does wonders.


  1. Very cool dress! You got me totally hooked on the Great British Sewing Bee, I watched three episodes in one evening! 😀

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