Lost and found

I’ve been working for a couple of weeks on my dress for the Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge, but I run out of matching thread last Friday. Since I was also working on other projects, I took it as an omen and I decided to take a couple of days of rest from this dress and sew other things, like my first t-shirt and an orange skirt. We were tidying up a bit the apartment this weekend, and I decided that ┬áif I was going to take a little break away from this dress, better to put it away than let it rest another two weeks on the table with the pattern pieces, my sewing machine manual, pieces of fabric and some other junk. Bad call! You know when something is in the wrong place, the place is a mess, but you know where to find everything? And you know when you decide to organize your things and the only thing you do is losing them forever? Well, that’s what happened to me… again (Koen and I are truly specialists at that).

After two days of agony (I realized on Monday that I lost it), I’ve finally found it today. Not in the drawer of the finished projects (I still need to decide what to do with the hem), not in one of the bags of unfinished projects, not anywhere I looked before; but just hidden under some fabric that I bought for a shirt. Lost and not even “misplaced” in the right place. Lost in the middle of our junk.

As I’ve said, it’s almost finished, just waiting to be hemmed. It’s just that this lace fabric is a pain in the back and I still need to tackle it down.