White with red details Hawthorn

I must confess that I was not thrilled by this design, and that I got carried away after all the fuss that was made about it. And I wanted to be part of a sewalong, having motivating deadlines, being able to learn from others in real time. So I bit the bullet, I bought the pattern, and after some procrastination (as I said, I was not very motivated) I made it. After buying a light weight cotton that caught my eye I found again problems to put my heart into it. The fabric was beautiful, light, wonderful for these summer temperatures, but it was a bit too sheer. The bodice could be fine like this just wearing a beige bra, but no way I could wear a skirt with nothing underneath. So I kicked myself in the ass and went to buy some white cotton batiste that was a wonder to work with (unlike my light cotton, so slippery and delicate).

For the lining I should have cut the same pieces but 1 inch shorter, but as I am a bit lazy, what I’ve done was cutting them just the same length and then basted 1 inch from the bottom to have a line to cut. I prepared the lining in the same way as the skirt (putting the four pieces together) and hemmed it. Then I sewed the lining to the skirt at the waist and front, assembled the dress and treated skirt and lining as one for the rest of the process.

I finished the waist and edges with some white bias tape to make it look more neat and I think it looks quite professional. The only thing I’m not proud off are the facings. I should have staystitched both curved sides. I have the impression that the side opposite to the one that is staystitched is a bit stretched out. Not really an issue, as that part stays inside, but I have the feeling that I always have to place it carefully when putting the dress on.

I was planning on putting shell or white snaps, but I could only find silver, brass and this beautiful cherry. The moment I saw them I new they were the perfect contrasting color, and then I spent some of the wee hours thinking that I wanted to embroider something on that same color. I got the design from the Hoop Loop Vintage Transfers Flickr group.

I finally made a size 2. At the beginning I thought I could need a 4 for my waist, but on a second thought I stuck with size 2 and that was a good call. I thought at first about lowering the collar but after asking for an opinion to Koen I decided to keep it like the original. I had to raise the front darts 2 cm though, since the pattern is for a C or D bra cup and I think I’m around size B or C, but probably with a completely different shape than the model. I sometimes see the bodice a bit loose on me, but Koen convinced me that it’s just right. Oh, well, nothing is perfect.


  1. I really like that. It is flattering on you It makes me think that I would like to get that pattern, too. :).

    1. Thank you! I like a lot how it turned out. And I have to say that it’s wonderfully written. I had no troubles to understand any of the steps.

  2. I am working on the Hawthorn sew along. Love that you lined the skirt, I chose not to line the skirt since it was a chambray that was dark gray but now I am worried that perhaps I should have. Your seams are so neat. I can only hope that mine turns out as well as yours. Great job!

    1. I lined it because my intention was wearing it also outside 😉 If yours is dark grey it should be fine, and you can always wear a slip underneath. The point is I have none, yes, I’ve never worn one. Probably strange for some people.

      The bias tape is wonderful to have neat seams. The bodice looks a bit less neat just because of that, but the fabric was so thin that I didn’t want to add it there. Well, thanks! 😀

  3. It looks really pretty and I love the contrasting buttons. I feel you on wanting to be part of a sewalong. I signed up for one, then had every assignment and essay on the planet heaped on me so I had to pull out! I’ve made a pact with myself to only sign up for ones that I really want to do, otherwise I’m just not motivated enough!

    1. Thank you, Zoe. You’re so right about joining only those sewalongs that really motivate you. I’ve just finish this dress so I don’t really know how much I’m going to wear it. I guess I will able to tell in a couple of months.

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