Wow, I’ve won fabric!

I’m not usually anybody who wins prizes (that’s why I don’t play the lottery, ha) but this time my luck has changed, because I’m one of the lucky winners of the give away Anneke hosted on the occasion of her first blogaversary. My special prize is a three-yard piece of vintage cotton with a small black and white leaf print. Doesn’t it look marvellous?

I’m thinking that a pastille dress would look very nice on this. This fabric is quite narrow, but I think I could have enough for this dress, since it’s quite fitted.

This was not a project that caught my eye at first, but I’ve changed my mind after seeing Lladybird’s version. Think of this fabric with some nice colored trim and matching belt! Red, pink, yellow, mint green, teal! Yeah!

I would like to thank Anneke for this give away and I think it’s a pitty to be already back from Belgium, since I could have gone to pick my prize in person and met Anneke. Well, next time.