Video killed the radio star

And Twitter killed the blog. No, not really, but I haven’t been very active on the blog for several reason, like being ill again and meeting some old friends. Also I was pissed at my old mobile. It’s was an old model with almost no internal memory and not only I couldn’t install anything for months but I had to uninstall a couple of apps to have it running (not smoothly). Koen had the same phone and the same problems so we decided to get a new one at the same time. And the first app I installed was Instagram. The second was TweetCaster. It’s not that I’m using them too often (I run a normal life and I do not wish to share every boring minute of it) but the few things I posted redeemed me from writing a post for the blog (or so I thought).

So this is to let you know that you can also find me now on Instagram and Twitter. I really like the first but I also enjoy the second when I have to wait for something and I don’t have my Kindle with me. I don’t expect to spend too much time on them, but I think they could complement the blog, so I’m going to give them a try.