Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I broke my nose last week during Capoeira class. What you don’t know is that it’s been on my nerves since then. It’s like that queasy feeling you have when you suffer PMS, which causes everything to be wrong but you can’t put your finger in. As a broken nose takes one month to heal I cannot practice capoeira or dance until then, and as I haven’t done any of those things during Christmas, I think I’m accumulating some stress that had those escape valves before (yes, I got my nose broken during the first class after Christmas). You would think that I have more time to sew or do other things I like, but it’s not working. I have more time but very few times I can get hold of myself and really do it.

We are going to redecorate the living room in the coming weeks. I just hope that that gives me the energy that I’ve been lacking these days.


Also, as I work from home, I don’t have a lot of human contact during the day, and missing those two activities reduces the possibilities of seeing other human beings.

I miss capoeira, exercise and in a nutshell, my normal life.


  1. I hope you heal quickly, Elena. Oh my, I can relate! I have had some kind of sore throat/ cough for six weeks that caused me to lose my voice and feel tired. I think local marsh fires burning hurt my throat then I caught my son’s cold. When I got over the initial sickness, if I got outside or moved too much, I’d have coughing fits that caused me to pull a muscle. I was feeling so cooped up! Yesterday was my first time to get exercise since then and I’m drained, achy, and blah feeling afterward. I think I get down easier when I don’t go outdoors or can’t talk with family. Like you, I am home or at my grandparents a lot, but don’t get out that much except to run or walk dog. It will probably take a while to get back to normal.
    I hope you get inspired and energized too! Btw, I’ve been wanting to see photos or video of your capoeira group. So cool!

  2. Uh-oh, so sorry to hear about your nose! I hope it heals quickly!

    I know that feeling of when you finally have enough time to craft, but you just can’t focus on it and then feel even worse because you’re “wasting” all that time. I’m not sure I have a solution for it, though… I guess you just have to stop fighting it and trust it will go away.


  3. No sabĂ­a lo de tu nariz!! Lo siento mucho, espero que te recuperes pronto, porque todas esas cosas son muy molestas.
    Un gran abrazo!

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