Completed: A Tiki Blouse in January

And I don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere. It means how much I long for warmer weather, refreshing cocktails (those will not happen, I know) and the much expected tiki party.

It’s Gertie’s 40s style blouse again made with some fabric that I bought this Christmas by the kilo at my hometown. This piece should have been like €4 and there’s still a bit left and another piece just exactly the same (maybe a future tiki dress?). I hope you’re not getting tired of these blouses because I have one more on the works for this month, and then I promise I’ll let the pattern rest for a bit while I make other things.

I think I didn’t talk a lot about sizing. This is size 4 and I made it according to my body measurements. Gertie doesn’t design with a lot of ease, so if you prefer your clothes on the loose side, you may consider going a size up. This fits me perfectly but I would have problems if I had broader shoulders.

Gerry is here busy trying to bite my brooch. I bought it a month ago at the market that happens on the square just across our building every Friday and Saturday. It’s a very small market but I love checking the vintage brooches, movie posters and antiques.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this blouse. It’s hard to believe, but even been this is my third blouse, I managed to sew the collar upside down. I think having too much work takes a toll. I rarely work over time, but when I have stressful days I feel less awake after work and I tend to make this kind of mistakes. Please tell me that I’m not the only one.

Gerry and I are ready for Spring and Summer. Bring them on!


    1. Thank you Michelle! I’m also pleased with the fit and that’s why I made several. I was looking for a pattern like this for so long that I can’t stop using it.

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