Denim killed my sewing machine

My progress on my jeans was slow but more or less steady. Last week I didn’t have a lot of time for sewing because Koen’s sister was here visiting, but I could still get some short random moments to stitch here and there.

I used part of my lunch break yesterday to start with the back of the jeans and then something terrible happened. I was having difficulties with the topstitching thread but I could sort it out more or less any time it happened. It was always the tension, and I needed to jump it to 7 or 8 to have good looking stitches. But at some point I couldn’t make them look right. And then I started having issues with regular thread and even regular fabric. I tried denim again and my machine was making terrible noises.

My guess is that one of the issues was the upper tension discs, and I removed the parts of the cover that I could and tried to clean them. After several times doing this the stitches improved a bit but I still got loose stitches randomly, and from time to time, the machine is making weird noises again when using denim.

I’ve checked my records and next month my machine will turn 2 years old. I was hoping that I could fix this myself but if there’s something else apart from lint on the discs, then I’d need a professional to take a look at it. It’s the first time my machine breaks and I hate it, since sewing is one of the few things that I could keep doing nowadays.


  1. usually jeans are very bad for the normal at home sewing machines! I had the same experience a while ago!hope you can fix it as soon as possible! besos!

    1. They took it away yesterday and they said it was probably the tension and lack of maintenance on my part (ups!). It should be back by Saturday if all goes well.

    1. I didn’t know about that site, but honestly I prefer to leave it on professional hands. I am not sure how things are supposed to look inside and the technician is going to do some maintenance too. It will be for the best!

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