Knitting 2 sleeves at a time (video + lovebird)

Katie requested a video explaining how this was done. Just excuse the bad quality of my phone camera and the sudden movements and noises. I was home alone with Gerry and he just decided that it was a good idea to zoom using his feet while he was chewing at my phone holder. I don’t own a phone tripod, so I used my car GPS holder attached to a cookie jar (no kidding). I had some troubles recording this because Gerry kept biting at it and he even dropped everything once.

At the beginning of the video you can see a purple marker between both sleeves. There is where I start my round. I then turn mi knitting counter-clockwise. Then I start knitting the other side (it’s just ribbing with a couple of mods). There’s a bad transition just when I start knitting the second sleeve (it’s when Gerry dropped my phone and the holder) and then you (badly) see that I turn the knitting clockwise. We are on the same side where the video started and when the purple marker is reached the round will be done.

I apologize again for the bad quality. One wouldn’t believe that I worked as a video editor years ago. Truthfully I’m a bit rusty and I just wanted a quick fix to show this. I recorded the video with my phone and uploaded to Youtube where I used their editor. If it’s still not clear just let me know and I’ll make another video with my next sweater, since this one is almost done (just three rounds to go).


  1. I always enjoy watching another person knit! Everyone has their own personal style and technique yet somehow we all end up with the same stitches. 🙂

    Gerry is so mischievous. So cute!!

    1. I enjoy it too, seeing how other people knit and purl. It has helped me to be more efficient in my knitting.

      Gerry is a total badass. This time he was playing with my phone but my markers are usually his target while I’m knitting. He’s become really good at opening them to try to remove them.

  2. That looked great, so easy and fun. Unfortunately I’m not the knitting type, but I used to watch my mother knitting, it always calmed me 🙂

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