Watching time, knitting time

You all know how addicted I am to TV shows. As I work from home, I have lunch alone so I always watch something to keep me company. Fall marks the start of the cold season in the Northern hemisphere, but also the coming back of many shows. Anyway, I don’t really follow the calendar, and I tend to watch what I feel like, and I usually wait a little bit to be able to binge watch a determined show. I couldn’t help myself and started the new season of Doctor Who, but I decided to take a break and watch other things for the moment to prepare myself to watch some episodes in a row.

As I didn’t have a lot to watch (I’m up to date in almost every show I was watching) I started a new one (for me). It’s called Dark Matter, and I couldn’t resist the sci-fy theme. The premises are good: six people awake from stasis on a space ship with their memories completely erased. There’s also an android on board who will help them to recover part of their memories back. I’m not going to tell more to avoid spoilers. It’s an enjoyable show but there’s something missing to make it superb. The characters are quite flat and lack charm, and I guess it is a result of them having lost their memories, but somehow I feel that they could be better constructed. We’ll be discovering more about them as the show progresses, and it is possible that this aspect improves, because for the moment I don’t care a lot about any of them, and that’s not something good to say about a show. There’s also the fact that most of them are quite young, and I am afraid it could develop in a teenager show. Anyway, I hope we can see some evolution and SyFy doesn’t cancel it like they did with Firefly and Warehouse 13.

DarkMatterMy lunch break is not the only moment I watch series. We also do it in the evening and during weekends, and that is happening a lot more than in summer, which means… knitting time! yay! I’m currently working on two projects: Hetty and Penelope, both from Untangling Knots.

I started Hetty in May, abandoned it and I decided to finish it this time for good. I’m starting with one of the sleeves, and I definitely want to finish it this month.

And as I’ve said last time, I have joined the Penelope KAL. I started a bit late with this one, but as it is a mindless knitting, I hope I can finish in time. I think I will be alternating the knitting of both cardigans to rest from the lace and the monotony of each one. I want to finish Hetty because I’ve been knitting it for too long, and I want to finish Penelope because I think it’s very wearable and it will be in my fall-winter-spring rotation, plus the colors I chose go with almost everything.

During these months I’ve also been watching Warehouse 13, Orange is the new black, Mistresses (US version), Seinfeld, Devious Maids, and some others. I’m really looking forward to the new seasons of The 100 and Call the Midwife, but for those I’ll have to wait.

And you, what are you watching right now?


  1. I recommend watching the Blindspot! I am absolutely addicted 5 Episodes and cannot wait to see how it all plays out!

    1. I’ve just read a bit about it and I’m curious about it. I see that it’s still running, so I may wait for a little while to binge watch it 😉

  2. I just finished Dark Matter and was going to recommend it to you. It’s no Firefly, though I think it wants to be, at times. I don’t know if it’s the acting or the direction that makes me feel like I’m watching awkward, local theatre. I watched it for the storyline. With different direction, I think it could be a really good show. I think I’m picky. There’s Firefly and the first few seasons of Battlestar Galactica, and nothing else seems as well performed to me since, except Outcasts.
    I did watch The 100 after you recommended it. I enjoyed it. I felt like it was a very good premise, but I found myself thinking of ways they could have worked scens and scripts differently for more subtlety. (Like Lost, a show it made you think of.). There were a lot of good actors in that show. I’m going to rewatch it when I start Jane Richmond’s Clarke pullover, that she designed while watching It.

    I’ve been watching Land Girls. I don’t think it’s as good as Call the Midwife, it’s a bit more soap opera-like, without being as silly as Downton Abbey. I like WW2 era shows and documentaries a lot, though.

    I love that you’re watching Seinfeld. We end up watching at least one episode a week for old times sake. We watched that show when we were dating. I’m also watching Everybody Loves Raymond here and there. I’ve also recently watched the new season of Longmire and really love that show.

    1. I agree with you that Dark Matter wants somehow to be compared to Firefly, and it even has a similar nasty main character, though in mi opinion, it’s one of the best in Dark Matter, since I find most of the others quite dull. I was also doubting between a lack of good character development or a good acting direction as the main problem here.

      About the 100, I admit that the first series had a lot of things that could be improved, but the main plot was enough to keep me interested. I think the second series was much better constructed. Let’s see what they do with the third.

      I tried Outcasts but I found something missing. I should try to watch it again.

      Land Girls looks good, and I will definitely try it. And Downton Abbey, I’ll just keep watching to see where they’re going.

      We watched Seinfeld from the beginning to end. We enjoy short shows while we have dinner during the week to avoid going to bed too late. Seinfeld was light and short, perfect for that. The only thing I didn’t like was the finale.

  3. I’ve just finished season 3 of Mr Selfridge (very soap opera) and season 3 of masters of sex is winding up. Watched these on my own and I’ve started Agent Carter on my own. About to start watching seasons 2 of Fargo and The Knick with my partner. He likes to do the ‘binge watching’ of a whole series and hates that we will have to watch these week to week. And every time I think or mention binge watching, I think of this skit from Portlandia:

    1. I like shows based in the 50s and 60s, so I will definitely take a loot at Masters of Sex. About Mr. Selfridge I’ve heard good opinions by other bloggers, so I will check it out too.

      I didn’t know The Knick but it looks good, another one to try!

      And I didn’t know that sketch by Portlandia, hahaha, hilarious! 😀

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