New Year, New Site

Happy 2017! You’ve probably arrived here from my old site at I know that my old blog has been quite dead for some time, and since I’ve been experimenting with self-hosted WordPress for my other site about Audiobook Reviews, I decided to move my crafting blog here too. I had this domain for several years, and was not doing anything useful with it (I played with Drupal years ago but the site is mainly broken now). With my other blog I discovered the flexibility self-hosted WordPress gives versus, so I decided to move ElenaKnits, and maybe add a couple of ads to try to cover a bit of the host service. If you find them too intrusive, please let me know.

I am not a Xmas person or prone to making new year’s resolutions, but during my holidays I had the possibility to rest and come back with a fresh mind. I am not making promises, but I’ll try to share here what I’ve been making in the past months and what I will be making in the future. Plus other aspects of my daily life like BIRDS (I can’t imagine my life without them).

Again, I don’t usually do this kind of things but I couldn’t resist to the Best 9 of Instagram:

2017 was a year with a mix of things. We moved to this apartment in January, lost Daisy in July and then gave a home to Jane. My blogging and sewing stopped for a while, until I had to make things again, because I need it like I need to breath. I switched from crazy prints dresses and started making more useful garments, things that I needed and wear almost everyday. I tried to reduce my stash this year and avoid buying fabric. I almost succeeded here. I also took a break from knitting due to gauge issues and my stupid atopic skin. I’m back on the game, but taking things slowly.

I hope I will share this and much more here, but don’t expect very carefully taken photoshoots. I’ll get most of the pic from Instagram, since it seems to be the only way for me to document things nowadays.

I hope you enjoy the ride!