Last SnB Brussels (and this time for good)

After saying goodbye to my knitting friends of Brussels, wonderful Ihanitse decided to organize an extra emergency meeting and say goodbye in person. She even put a picture of me with my halliard and wrote this lovely description:

Our very own lovely Elena (aka “I-learned-to-knit-lace-la

st-night-and-made-this-little-shawl-called-Ishbel” aka “co-ordinator extraordinaire”) packs her needles, hooks, boyfriend and dance shoes and changes grey Brussels for the warmth of Madrid.
This is an emergency meeting for all who wish to knit together with Elena for the last time (although I’m sure she’ll be back to visit in the future). Elena already thought she’s off the crochet hook but we lassoed her right back in:
Just like the true yarn addicts we are, we say – just one more round! See you in ViaVia this Wednesday from 6pm or after work. January meetings are
Wednesday 11/1
Wednesday 18/1
Sunday 29/1 Kristin, Wincy, Johanna and for the last time – Elena


The knitting time was, as usual, great, and seeing them for the last time, priceless. I’ll keep in contact and hope that we can visit each other in the future.


People divide the world among, friends, mates, acquaintances, and unknown people. For us, knitters, the world is divided between people we would knit something to and people we wouldn’t. I have now more people that fit into the first category.


Girls, I’ll never ever forget you, and I wanna see what you’ll be making.


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