A picture is worth a thousand words

And I would add that a video is worth a thousand images.

I bought Ysolda‘s Elijah pattern a couple of weeks ago. To start the head of the elephant you need to do a circular cast on also called “casting on from middle disappearing”. The link that appears in the pattern is this one:


I tried to figure out what that meant but it didn’t work for me. That reminded me of my Knitting Bible book, where I got the notions, but at the end I really needed videos to figure out how to make things. I found the equivalent of the previous link in YouTube. And this time, I could make the circular cast on:


I’m still a beginner, but when I hear/read other beginners asking how to do something or that they are not able to figure how something works, I always say the same: use YouTube, it’s free, it’s very useful and you can learn anything out there.