After seeing hoy K. treats hand made items, I tend to forget how normal people usually do. K. always wears his crochet hat with fleece lining when it’s cold outside, he likes to hold and cuddle my yarn balls when I’m knitting and he recently asked me to knit him a scarf similar to the one I made for my father. He even came with me to choose the wool.

Making something for somebody so thankful is a pleasure, and I enjoy making things for my loved ones. But again, I’m never prepared for the reaction, or let’s better say, lack of reaction from my family in general. I made an Ishbel shawl for my mother three months and a half ago. Almost everybody said that it was very beautiful, but they didn’t have an idea of the amount of hours and effort put there (again, K. sees me all the time knitting at home, so he knows all that it takes to knit something). Next I got some complaints about the material, that it felt too cold. The truth is that I also preferred something different, but in the local shop close to my mother’s place (and the hospital) they did not have a great variety of yarns available. At least I got one of her favorite colors. Due to the material (I hope) she couldn’t wear it during Summer.

Since her surgery it looks I’m obsessed with knitting, and this is what I made for her for this Christmas period:

This was a very easy and quick shawl to make, and the result was very good. I gave it to her for Christmas and she liked it a lot, but again, I think my family in general gives more value to bought things rather than hand made. When she was on the phone with my aunt she was describing the presents she got and forgot to mention the shawl. I made nothing for my sister because I know she completely disagrees with this hand-made knitting stuff when you can buy something similar in one of those Chinese shops for a couple of euros. As you see, my family doesn’t understand about materials either.

Finally my mother was wearing it yesterday while we were talking on Skype 🙂

When thinking about writing this post, I had this Yarnharlot‘s post in mind. Read it, it’s priceless. And now, I’ll continue knitting K.’s scarf while he keeps holding and cuddling the yarn while we watch something sitting on the sofa.