Where everybody knows your name


When I first arrived in Madrid and we signed the contract of our apartment, I found, very close to it, a shop where they sell yarn, fabric, needles, buttons and all you can need for your projects. The shops was recently opened and owned by three kind and funny girls: Rosa, Mara and Marga. They received me warmly and I made of it my second home.

Most of the time I work from home, alone and by myself. So after an especially hard day I really need the urge to talking to anybody and very often I end up there, my shelter of wool, needles and friendship.

They sell beautiful yarns, they organize great courses and they are VERY friendly. They decided to open the shop because crafts are their passion but also to offer a friendly shop to anybody that needs anything for their projects.

When I came back from my holidays I went there to show them the socks I made with their yarn and because I’m following there a pattern making course, and it was a nice feeling being back, in a place where I can feel like at home and where everybody knows my name.