Living on the edge

Koen is one of those people that really know how to receive a handmade gift. He loves, cherishes and wears all the time the scarf I made for him last year and also his hat when it’s extremely cold (not anymore here in Madrid this year). After seeing how I love the sweaters I made for myself, he decided that he also wanted one. He knows about the sweater curse but he says that we are far stronger than that and making him a sweater will give us no future problems. We were browsing Ravelry for a cute cardigan for him and he finally liked Émilien. I ordered some Cascade 220 at Laine et tricot and I’m ready to start.

In the last episode of the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast, they proposed a KAL that starts tomorrow and runs until the end of April. You have to knit an adult cardigan withing these dates. I thought it was a nice occasion to start and have some pressure to finish this in time. This cardigan is just stockinette stitch almost from the beginning to the end, but the finished product will be far larger than the cardigans I’m used to make, so this KAL came just at the right time. I’ve already swatched and got gauge.

My Freija is more than halfway done, and considering that right now I’m not working on any other projects, I don’t mind having this two at the same time for a little while on my needles. Now let’s cross our fingers not to suffer the sweater curse.


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