I’ve got stripes!


This is what I’m saying since Sunday, after I had to change color and finally I’ve got stripes. Please forgive me for this, but it’s my first knitting colorwork (I’ve done it plenty of times in crochet but never in knitting), and even if compared to other things it’s still pretty lame, it’s colorwork!. I’m still celebrating it and Koen still singing the song of his future cardigan.

We love Johnny Cash’s music. Before starting hanging out as a couple, around 5 years ago, Koen once came to my place to watch the movie Walk the Line, that I totally recommend for those who like rock’n’roll and country music. You will not only enjoy the music but a beautiful story and the great performances of Joachin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.


That day we discovered that we not only shared our passion for old music but also for plenty of other things. Getting together was the best decision we could have ever made.