Worshop for followers

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting this past weekend, more than checking with Koen where he wanted the pockets in his cardigan and following Katushika’s directions to add those stitches where pockets will be.

There’s a lot of stuff that I do apart from knitting. For good of for bad I’ve tried many different things in my life. Some went and some stuck, and the Swing belongs to the ones that stayed me. I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for about 5 years with Koen and we are enjoying a sudden blooming here in Madrid. This was a weekend full of Swing. There were workshops and there were parties. Sadly we didn’t attend the parties because I finished this last Saturday with a batch of antibiotics and the workshops had already consumed all my energies. But more parties will come. With this Swing fever covering Madrid, there are several parties every week.

The workshops were very interesting, and especially the one of Saturday, dedicated exclusively to followers. We learned not only how to move, how to turn with balance and elegance, or to command our bodies to do what we wanted but also some tips for twists and swivels that will come in handy.


Next month is going to be busy with the Madrid Swing Festival and Barswingona, but I’ll keep on knitting!

And for those of you who doesn’t know what swing is about, I leave you here some bits and pieces from the movie Swing Kids.