No news, good news

Since I’m currently working on two adult cardigans, one for Koen and one for me, I don’t get much finished and I’m not even planning on casting on anything new until I get at least one these projects done. The shadow of the sweater curse is looming over me and I’ve promised myself that I was going to get Koen’s cardigan done in four more weeks maximum from now.

It’s not that I don’t have future projects in mind, oh no, I have lots of them that I would like to make. I even bought a beautiful Malabrigo Silky Merino in green to make a shawl for my mother, I need to make two or three pairs of socks and I would like to give a try to make one of the crescent shaped shawls BostonJen is always talking about. And I would like to try real colour-work and double-knitting. One thing at a time…

Yesterday a friend came home to knit for a while and she relearned how to cast on. It was short but nice.

And Koen is wearing again the last hat I made for him! He bought a new cyclist helmet, larger that the previous one, which he can adapt to be able to wear this hat underneath in these still cold mornings and evenings. Yeah!

And the rest, the same. Listening to knitting podcasts, watching shows and being witness of the coming Spring. Life was never as beautiful as now and it will never be.