Cell phone sleeve for Koen

I started my crafty life just crochetting. I looked at amigurumis on internet and I discovered that I wanted to make something like that. After a while I accomplished this and then I decided that what I wanted to make were garments. Soon I figured out that knitted garments usually have a much nicer drape and fit better the human body. Then I wanted to knit! I bought a book, needles and looked for tutorials in YouTube. Soon I made a cardigan for my niece and I’ve never stopped since then.

In one of our vacations I got a new smartphone and I had no sleeve for it. With some crappy yarn I found at my mother’s place I crocheted a very basic sleeve while Koen was driving around the north of Spain. It was not very beautiful but it came in handy at that moment. When Koen bought his first smartphone he rescued this sleeve from one of our drawers and he started using it, but it had a horrible green color that made me want to make something nicer for him. I asked him and he decided yarn and color. It was going to be black. I asked him if he wanted something knitted with beautiful cables, but he said that he wanted something simple, something similar to the green one. Last year I started to crochet the sleeve, I dropped it for a while and never came back to it. I have to confess that since I started knitting, I never came back to crochet again, just for brief moments, but never finishing anything.

In the meantime he lost the hideous green sleeve and his phone got naked and vulnerable.

This past week at Tenerife, I had lots of time for knitting, and in one of those quiet mornings, I designed this. It is quite simple. I asked Koen and he said it was perfect, that he wanted nothing else. I started to cast on and knitted a couple of rows, and then I had to leave it for some hours. I took it back when we were driving to the Loro Parque so that my niece could see the parrots, the dolphins and the rest of animals. It was such a simple project that I finished it during that car drive. Koen loves it and I’m considering making one for myself (we have the same cell phone model).

We enjoyed the park and the animals, and I got a small project finished in the meantime.


  1. Yes, at first I thought it was just too simple, but Koen loves it so much because it just does what it should: protecting your phone, not slipping out and it doesn’t add any extra bulk. It’s simply functional. Ok, beautiful too because it’s made of wool 😉

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