This past long weekend was not very productive regarding knitting. We assisted to an international Lindy-Hop event in Barcelona. With four hours of class per day and then the parties where we could continue dancing and watching the teachers’ showcases, we had no much energy left in our bodies the rest of the day but just to nap.

I did a bit of knitting in the train and during one of the lazy afternoons while we were watching Downton Abbey. I started a pair of socks for my mother with a yarn I recently got, and I see that what you pay is what you get. It was rather cheap, but see what came from inside the ball after I pulled some yarn to find the end:

The festival was great, and even we came back home exhausted, it was worth it. We watched a super exciting Jack and Jill that was an absolute adrenaline shot. Lindy-Hop is just such a happy dance,being there felt like being at the Savoy during the 30’s: nice dresses, lots of make up, smart suits, sweat and swing music. You could feel the floor vibrating under your feet at the rhythm of the music, just pure energy coming from the dancers. And I could finally wear one of the dresses I’ve made last year. This picture was taken at the hotel, just before leaving for the party. I have to confess that I polished my nails with my coat already on to be able to let them dry on our way to the ballroom. The pictures quality is not great, since they were taken with our phones. We did not want to pack with us the SLR camera, since we had already a lot of stuff. It’s not easy to pack for a dance festival. You need lots of t-shirts, towels for the sweat during classes, two or three pairs of shoes, pants, a dress for each party, make up, …

At the party on Friday we met a couple of friends of ours from Brussels. We used to attend the same Lindy-Hop classes. It was a great surprise meeting them there and being able to dance with them again.

We had two classes with the wonderful William and Maeva. When watching their videos, she looks like an impressive woman, and I was surprised to find such a cute little girl.


I have some more news related to crafting, but it’s been quite hectic since we came back so it’ll have to wait a little bit.


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