Edible Flowers

I had problems yesterday to be at ease and the night brought with it some more insomnia again. In the evening I couldn’t even focus on knitting a simple and boring scarf and I started spinning for a little while again. I think I’m getting the hang of it and I can now get a thinner and more even yarn than before.

As I’m still learning I watched a couple of videos related to spinning that can come in handy at some time later:

How to do hand carding. Prepare the wool for spinning:


How to use a  niddy noddy. What to do with your handspun yarn:


This morning the orchid my mother sent me for my last birthday decided to let open the first of its new flowers. This one arrived a bit more than fourth months ago, so this is very good news. The previous one took exactly one year to bloom again and I’ve even heard of cases where they never got flowers again. It seems this one is happy in its corner of the living room. I never thought that orchids could enjoy the dry weather we have in Madrid.