sleep We went to bed quite early on Friday. Koen was destroyed after a very hard week at work and lack of sleep and I needed some rest to recover from a bad cold. Koen fell asleep almost immediately, but I didn’t have the same luck. I was tossing and turning in our bed incapable of falling asleep and I decided to get up and kill some time in front of the computer. The truth is, I’m quite worried lately because after our trip to the Canary Islands, my mother’s health slowly improved to finally get worse and worse and we don’t know now if we’re facing a bronchitis or the beginning of a pneumonia (the doctors don’t seem to agree and the medication is not really working). I don’t want to give it more thought than I’ve already done, so I’ll continue with my Friday night.

I started checking my blogs stats, my email and some more useless stuff, when I remembered the last time I went to a fabric store and I admired from a distance those beautiful waxed canvas which were so inspiring and with which I could make gorgeous handbags like the one I made for my sister using the wonderful Bag Making Bible. As I’ve explained before, my sewing machine is not really better than a toy, and I had to wait to be at my mother’s place to use her machine to be able to make this handbag. My machine is fine for simple stitches with simple fabric. Forget about thick stuff, elastic fabrics or sewing zippers and buttonholes. I got a little salary rise this year so this sleepless Friday I decided to buy a decent sewing machine. I have to confess that that same afternoon I had to buy a zipper for Émilien (I finally found the right one) and I think the sewing machines I saw on the shop windows triggered this fever.

I found a fine model on ebay from a reseller and I purchased it. Sadly they called me today to tell me that they’d ran out of that model and they were getting a newer one that was a lot more expensive, so I cancelled everything and I got my money back. But the seed was planted, and after checking machines again on the net, I made my mind about another brand and model and how I could finish right now the coat I’m making if I had the machine already here.

I found a special offer and I’ve ordered a Bernina Bernette 15. The Bernette 12 would have been more than enough, but the shop sold them for the same prize and who’s going to say no?


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