There and back again


Some people leave for a trip like Bilbo Baggins did, without their handkerchiefs and expecting a calm journey. But if you go with Gandalf and dwarfs like us and find trolls in the way, this pleasant experience can become something you did not expect. Well, I always say it’s better not to expect anything special and be open to anything that comes to you.

My mother pictured in her mind a full week working hard on her sun tan, wearing sandals and looking at the fuchsia foreigners from behind her sunglasses, drinking cocktails and eating mouth-watering delicacies. Nothing further from the truth.

We arrived at the same time as a heavy storm that lasted for three days and got several flights cancelled, my sister had a cold, the second day from our arrival my mother woke up with a terrible cold and fever, my niece had fluorescent green snot, and Koen had left Madrid with a severe back pain and got there a terrible allergy which made his nose completely stuffed with mucus (he never has allergies). His plan was renting a bike and climbing the Mount Teide, but both conditions unfortunately prevented it. This situation reminded me a lot of the beginning of the book My family and other animals. You can watch the first part of the movie based on the book here to know what I mean:


I was the only one not getting ill. My allergies just got a bit worse than usual, but I almost expected it and I’m used to it, so while the others were trying to recover I spent the whole vacation knitting like a madman.

Fortunately the weather improved, my sister recovered, my mother started feeling a bit better and Koen started to walk straight again. We enjoyed a couple of days at the beach and my little niece and Koen couldn’t resist to the swimming pool at the hotel.

Since almost everybody was a bit ill and Koen had problems to breath inside our apartment, we spent quite some hours at our terrace. He read some books and I knitted. I got his cardigan almost finished (just left weaving ends for later), I worked on mine, and I got two other projects done from beginning to end. I will talk about all these projects in future posts. Apart from reading, Koen also helped winding some wool.

The trip was not what anybody expected, but at least I tried to get the most of it.