This March is going to be a busy month. Today I have a class about photography and night lighting which I’m very excited about. And tomorrow we are leaving for the Canary Islands to a trip organized by Koen and my mother. Every Winter she says how much she would like to visit the islands when it’s cold here so that she can enjoy the sunshine there, and it had to be Koen who made this true. He played with the idea of renting a bike there and climbing the Mount Teide but he didn’t want to leave me alone for so many hours. He’s a semi-professional cyclist, used to ride 100 Km in one go. So he proposed the trip as a family event so that I could enjoy my family while he was enjoying the bike, and I could rest from the stress of my family when he was back. And that did the trick: my mother got convinced and she, my sister and my niece are flying tonight and we are doing it tomorrow morning.

After the trip to the Algarve last July I’m a bit worried that I’m going to get a bit stressed again. That usually happens with my family if we are together more than four days in a row, so I’m planning to take a lot of knitting with my to help me relax and progress in my projects. I’m going to pack Émilien, Freija (both are almost finished), wool for Fridica’s test and probably something else. When I’m away I’m always afraid of running out of projects to work on, especially if I go to places where I know it will be difficult to find decent wool. As a result I always carry around too much yarn that I don’t have time enough to work with, but I guess that happens to most of us.

The weekend after that we are attending the Swing Madrid Festival where I doubt I’m going to progress in my knitting, but the weekend after we are going to Barswingona. Again, I don’t think I’m going to knit a lot there, but we have a three hour train ride and guess what I’m going to do during those three hours!