New coat: a copy-cat

One of the things I wanted to try when I started my sewing classes was making a nice and elegant coat. After browsing the internet and setting my Pinterest on fire, I found this:

And this is my version of it:

I changed the back a bit, but I’m very happy with the result:

Ok, I have to iron it again and after trying it again I need to move a bit two of the buttons, but overall I am very pleased. At first I thought of making bound buttonholes, but being the fabric a bit on the thick side, that would create a lot of bulk. I finally settled for regular buttonholes.


  1. Thank you 🙂 This project took me ages. If I remember correctly, I started in October or November and I finished last week. But I have to confess that almost the only moments I worked on it was during the classes, that is two hours each Monday, except for a couple of weeks during Christmas and some other weeks that I didn’t go. I didn’t have a proper sewing machine, and the only thing I did at home was cutting the interlining.

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