I’m a sewaholic

After much thinking I finally confess: I’m a sewaholic. I’ve been browsing projects made using the Sewaholic patterns for weeks. There were two things that made me take the leap: the fact that these patterns are for pear-shaped bodies like mine and these gorgeous pants!

I was feeling a bit limited in my sewing since I’m only making skirts and dresses, and let’s be honest, what I wear most, especially during the cold months, are pants. One of my favorite pants broke recently. It’s was not from misuse, it was just that it was completely worn down; and it’s not easy to find bootcut pants nowadays! And after much experimenting, I know that this is the shape that flatters me most (the things I would wear if I had perfect legs…).

As the shipment from Canada to Spain is a bit expensive, I decided to purchase two patterns: this Thurlow Trowsers and the Cambie Dress. I bought both patterns on the 6th of this month and exactly 10 days later they arrived at my home. It’s my first time with tissue paper patterns and I’m very glad that all my measurements are in one column! Splendid, I’m size 6, period!

One thing I missed was a metric version in the printed version, but you can always check it online. It comes with written instructions and diagrams that I’m sure will be very useful. I can’t say more for the moment, since I haven’t even cut the pattern, but I’m planning to do it very soon.

For the ones planning on making this pants, please check Lladybird’s site. She’s made several of these and has published on her blog step by step pictures. I’m totally checking those out!