Thurlow Trousers: two muslins

I finally started working on my Thurlow Trowsers. As I was not sure of the size that would fit me best, I traced the pattern on some new tracing paper placing it on my living-room window. My measurements are the ones for size 6, but after checking Tasha’s picture and reading again Lladybird’s post, I think I should make one or two sizes less. I like my pants to be fitted. So I made a muslin for size 4 and… then for size 2, and these are the results.

For the size 4 the front looks decent. Not perfect but decent.

Size 4

But size 2 looks much better.

Size 2

The rear is ok too. I adjusted the center back seam in the size 4 a bit too tight maybe, I could have taken less but then the fit would have been worse (too lose). There are some wrinkles under the butt, what makes me think that even this size could be a bit too large for me.

Size 4

Size 2 looks a bit better, but I think I need more place at the rear. Good that that back seam has plenty of fabric. Still some wrinkles on my back legs, but I was naughty and I didn’t iron the muslin for size 2. After making the one for size 4 I was really impatient to see the effect of size 2.

Size 2

And if we pay a closer attention, the front of size 4 is in fact quite loose.

Size 4

After making the muslin for size 4, I felt incredibly lazy, but I knew that I needed to make one for size 2 to be sure. I was afraid of the crotch depth being too small on size 2, but that was not a problem (the pants kind of get inside your butt when this is the case).

After making size 4 I had bad thoughts of me not being really pear-shaped but just a monster with very thick thighs. I was worried about the legs of size 2 not being wide enough for my capoeirista’s thighs, but after making size 2 and walking, siting and crouching I can say that there’s definitely enough place for my legs there.

Size 4
Size 2

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. It’s what happens when you take them just by yourself with your crappy cellphone. I promise to take better ones when I use the real fabric.

What I have observed around 6 months ago was that my old pants didn’t fit me anymore. Well, they did, but they got kind of tight in the thighs. It’s what happens after some months practicing capoeira, that thigh muscles start developing incredibly fast. I hope this new pants will fit me for a very long time. I wonder what kind of pants the Incredible Hulk uses. They never break on his thighs or butt!



  1. I am so anxious to hear how these pants turn out. I have big problems getting pants that fit well in the thighs even when I sit down or squat. I hate to feel pinched and unless they have some stretch or are really baggy I often do. Sewing your own is probably the best answer to pants fit problems. I don’t do martial arts all that much lately, but when I did, my thighs outgrew my pants (then i just outgrew them all around) and taekwondo doesn’t include as much low and squatting stances as capoeira must have. I’ve heard it’s a common problem among women athletes.
    If anyone in the world is going to get me interested in sewing, I think it will be you, Elena. You are trying all of these great and intimidating projects and its very inspiring. I have to make a dent in my stash first, though. Btw, the fit looks really good on both muslins to me. I’m sure your gaining a trained eye that can see when the fit is right.

  2. I remember that I hated riding a bike with jeans just because of this, but I also hate pants with no shape. Making my own pants was the only way to go, especially nowadays that skinny pants are in fashion again (and I hate them so much).

    Thank you for your feedback, as always 🙂

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