Bikinis are for Summer

I got an invitation to attend a course about making a bikini. I have to say that for months I was silently ruminating on the idea of making my own bikini. The one from last year (and the year before) is about to break (anytime I see it I picture myself loosing the bottom in front of everybody, what a nightmare!) and the previous one is not better than a saggy bag. But the 60 euros of the course is a lot of money. Off course it’s always nice to attend those courses, not only because you usually meet great people, but it’s also  always desirable to support independent designers and teachers. But still, that’s a lot of money that I could use to buy more fabric and wonderful yarn for my next project.

I recently learned how to sew with knit fabrics, the pattern school has wonderful resources and half a meter of fabric costs around 5 euros. And off course there are plenty of free tutorials on internet, like this one.

Pattern School resources: