Train derailment

I travel between Madrid and Vigo either by train or by plane. I came by plane this time and I’ll be going back this Saturday also by plane. I arrived home today around 22:30 from having a drink with an old friend and I saw my mother with her eyes glued to the TV. That same train I sometimes take suffered a terrible accident today around 9 pm. The causes are still unknown, but out of the 218 passengers, they’ve already counted 60 deceased and 140 injured. At the moment they have need of great amounts of blood from blood donors and people had a very positive answer crowding the hospitals to give blood.

I can only say that I’m so sorry for those families and I can’t help but feeling lucky that I was not in that train. My thoughts are with those families who are experiencing the longest night of their lives.

You can read more here and here and here.


  1. My husband told me about this. It’s terrible. I’m sorry for those who were lost and their families as well as glad to know you are okay.

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