The Old Reader

I am not really following blogs during these last days. I’ve been using The Old Reader for a while, due to its similarity to Google Reader and also because of the philosophy behind it. It reminds me of the old days of the internet in which a lot of amateur projects were born with tremendous amounts of illusion. Many of them died after a while, but I like the fact of supporting this kind of initiatives. Unfortunately The Old Reader is down since last Saturday. After a big migration, several SSD disks died leaving us without complete service. Some people are very annoyed at this and complained publicly leaving comments on The Old Reader Blog, without taking into consideration the nature of this project; it’s free, with no adds and it’s a project of carried out by two persons.

I have to say that I regret not having an export of my subscriptions just to be able to follow you all as I’ve been doing until last Saturday. I tried Bloglovin but I can convince myself to completely make the leap. Probably, when The Old Reader comes back to life (expected in 2 – 3 hours) I’ll see if I can export my subscriptions and then I’ll test other feed readers to use when these outages occur. We shouldn’t forget The Old Reader is a project from two people that are giving us their time and effort for free so that we can enjoy a similar product to Google Reader. As I said, I’ll test other feed readers, but for the moment I stick to The Old Reader.