A Miette cardigan for the end of the summer

If you’ve been here for a while you’ll remember that around June I bought yarn to make the Miette cardigan since I had decided to make useful cardigans to go with my summer dresses. But at that moment I was asked by Andi Satterlund to test a pattern (another wonderful cardigan, he) and my Cascade Sierra went into my yarn drawer (well, one of them).

I started the Miette when I was in Belgium, two weeks ago, and I have mixed feelings. The cardigan is gorgeous, but the yarn is not my cup of cake. Don’t understand me wrong; I am sure this is a lovely yarn that many people love to work with, it’s just that I’ve been used to working mostly with wool for the last years. I’ve only used cotton almost exclusively for crocheting and that was centuries ago. I like to crochet with cotton because of the structure crocheted items have. It gives them neatness, I would say. But for knitting I love the elasticity of wool, its forgiveness, the way it adjusts itself to the pattern you’re knitting. I guess that knitting with cotton is a completely different world I’m just dipping myself in. I had some tension issues, mostly at the beginning, and I ripped off three good inches while I was still in Belgium. My tension is better now, but when looking at the (unfinished) cardigan, I can’t help seeing bits here and there that I would prefer more even.

Anyway, it’s going to be a great cardigan and it’s going to be finished very soon. Today, thanks to Julia Bobbin, I learned that there’s a Miette KAL happening right now and I didn’t have the slightest idea! I guess it’s not too late to join, since I’m already working on the sleeves and I’m planning to finish this before the end of the month.
Handmaker's Factory - Miette knit-a-long


  1. I have one sleeve left on my Marion. I’m making out of wool. I completely agree about cotton for crochet but I always prefer wool for knitting, too.

  2. As I’ve said, I always use wool, but since I wanted something for warmer weather and the suggested yarn was Cascade Sierra, I wanted to give it a try (at least to give my opinion on it, he). This yarn is 80% cotton and 20% wool. it’s soft and cozy, but is absolutely non-elastic like 100% cotton.

    I’ve just received today some nice black wool to make an Agatha, and I’m so looking forward to knitting with that.

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