I’m not a Fall girl

This Fall is being harder on me than I expected. Last Winter lasted terribly long, almost until the end of what should have been Spring. We almost believed Summer was not going to come, but it did, and it was very dry and hot as it’s always here. And suddenly we are in Fall. Last year the beginning of Fall was still quite warm and sunny; well when is Madrid not sunny? These last days apparently. Today we’ve been conceded a truce, but last weekend it rained cats and dogs and I think the rest of the week is going to be the same. I’ve just washed some clothes because I love to let them dry out on the sun and from tomorrow onwards it’s not going to be possible. Strange weather for this time of the year in generally dry and sunny  Madrid.

I used to feel this tired when I was living Belgium. Winters were long and dark there, so I guess this apathy is just due to this sudden bad weather.

I see everybody excited about sewing for Fall and Winter knitting, but I feel an uncanny aversion to Fall and Winter colors and clothes. I hate greys and browns after wearing some vivid colors in Summer, heavy clothes compared to light ones. Why is it so difficult to find Fall and Winter clothes in happy colors? Even when making my own garments I’m also a bit tied to colors, since Winter fabrics tend to show more those dark and sad greys and browns.

I had the plan of knitting Hetty this month and I was looking for a happy teal color. That Berroco Blackstone Tweed is impossible to find in Spain and they don’t sell it at Laine et Tricot (France), where I normally buy. I finally saw it at Loop Knitting (UK), but many of the colors were either sold out or there were like two or three skeins left. I finally bought some maroon skeins (Cranberry Bog) that looked more or less nice, but now that I’m knitting with them I find them depressing. It’s a really Wintery color, don’t you think?

Fall is already here and I can only think about making Hawaiian tops or Tiki dresses like the last one Amanda made. I guess this is what happens when you know bloggers from the South Hemisphere. You become green with envy.


  1. I feel your pain- only reversed. Our summer began in Feb or March and will last into Dec or Jan. We often wear shorts on Christmas. We had about a month of cold last year. I’ve been knitting like crazy for a month of cold! I never even wore a coat that winter. At least I’ve started making lighter weight things in bright colors to wear year round. That was a good change that helped me look forward to high temps and humidity. Hopefully, you’ll find brighter colors, colorwork, and unusual shapes that get you excited about winter again.

    1. One month of Winter. I could live with that, even if it’s humid. Humidity destroys me but mostly when it’s also cold because of my asthma. When it’s warm it just makes me tired. I can’t imagine how it can be, warmth all over the year, wearing light clothes. As a knitter you can be doomed, but now I understand why you knit so many light weight garments. Thank you for letting me know you a little bit more 🙂

  2. I think maroon is a nice fall colour! And you can combine it with mustard or orange, and those are brighter fall colours that you might like? I personally love those, and I’m looking forward to wearing some of those, although they aren’t yet in any of my planned projects…

    But I’m with you about the wintery colours like grey, dark brown or black. They really make me sad, at least on their own.

    By the way, I can’t see the picture, don’t know why, but what about combining some of these colours with cream or beige so they don’t seem too wintery? I also like Michelle’s idea above about some colourwork combined with brighter colours that you might like.

    1. I don’t know what happened to the photo. I added it again. It happens sometimes when I share photos from my Flickr. They work and then suddenly are not visible anymore unless I’m logged in Flickr.

      How is it in Germany? In Belgium it was very difficult to find Winter clothes in bright colors. At least I see more variety here.

      As soon as I get used to the weather this gloom will go away. That and knitting in hot pink wool for a friend’s baby 🙂

      Thank you for passing by and commenting, Ainhoa, I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Now I see the picture and it’s looking great! And the yarn is lovely. I’m sure it’s just a matter of combining the sweater with other lighter or brighter pieces or accessories 😉

    Germany is too cold at the moment, but at least it’s sunny these last couple of days. But the weather is changing, as well as the light, and it also makes me feel a bit sad about that. The summer was not that long to begin with!

    It’s true that shops are carrying darker colours this season, but isn’t it the same in Spain? We just have to make our own clothes and use brighter colours that we prefer. That’s actually the reason why I decided to learn to make my own clothes, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the shops. The only problem is, it takes me too long 😀

  4. It’s true that the yarn is beautiful, but it’s probably not what I need now. I feel a bit restless but I’m sure it’s just the weather and the hormones, haha.

    Even when making your own clothes, you will find that shops carry darker colors during Winter, maybe that’s why I feel like making things for the little ones, since they are the only ones that can escape from the dark colors.

    I’m sure Germany is getting colder. I had a friend there until a couple of days ago and he used to tell me how it was there. That makes me remember our Winters in Belgium. The two last ones we spent there were so freaking cold. Your face hurt from the cold just from being 10 minutes outside.

    You’re so true that making clothes is a long process. If it was not because of that I’d have so many things made lately! The list of the things I want to make grows fast but my time is limited and now that I have a lot more work it’s almost impossible to find the time and energy.

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