A Sweater!

My niece Paula had tonsils removal surgery a couple of weeks ago. And you now, she’s been at home for some days completely spoiled. I saw her yesterday on Skype and she didn’t want to talk to me until I mentioned that it was a pity that she didn’t because I was preparing a present for her to take to Vigo in my next visit in December (her birthday and Christmas). Suddenly she sat up very straight in front of my mother’s laptop, and when I asked her if she knew what I had for her she exclaimed: “A Sweater!”. It made me laugh out loud!

Because two years ago I made her this cardigan:

And last year I made this lovely sweater:

So in her little and smart brain she is expecting something like that again. To be honest, I haven’t started already, and this year it’s not going to be a knitted sweater but this wonderful reversible zippie hoodie:

Image taken from Kitschycoo

I just need to find a beautiful fabric so that Paula gets impressed when she sees it.

And I’m not knitting anything for her this year for two reasons. First because I also want to sew for her and my time is limited, and second because I have to knit for two other kids in my life.

I want to make this cardigan for Koen’s nephew, who will turn one year this month (and the hat if I have the time):

Image taken from Ravelry

And this one for one of my best friends’ baby that should be born one of this days. I’ve already made it for Koen’s nephew ant it was an easy and fast knit. I also want to make the Aviatrix hat again in matching wool.

This one is Koen’s nephew

It’s going to be her second baby and it’s amazing how much we changed since we were at school. I have this little group of friends. We are just four, but three of us met for the first time at school when we were four years old. It’s not that we were inseparable for this last 31 years, but we spent our teenage years together and that creates strong bonds. We are also very different and have our lives, but we manage to meet at least a couple of days per year and talk about the good old days. I’m really looking forward to do it again this December.


  1. Beautiful knitting, I have never been able to master the technique, the best I could learn was to crochet and since I am left handed everything is backwards! What wonderful gifts they will all be. And as soon as I read your statement about friends for 31 years it reminded me of Kenny Roger’s new song, “Can’t make old friends”. That song says it all!

  2. For me knitting came naturally, without effort. That pink cardigan was my first knitted garment. I find sewing much more difficult, absorbing and obsessive. I started crocheting and knitting because I was far too stressed out and I needed to do something with my hands. It’s probably why it feels like something easy going in my mind.

    I’ve just listen to the song and I agree, it’s so true, you can’t make old friends. There are not like those ones. Very beautiful song, btw. I’m pasting the link here for everybody to enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTmi6v0Sy2s

  3. awww, knitting for kids is such fun! all those teeny llittle pieces knit up (relatively!) quickly and the recipients always look adorable. I like all your plans 🙂

    1. You’re right, those tiny sweaters knit up quite fast and they look so cute that it’s totally worth it, even after seeing the recipients making them dirty in no time! And they are always in happy colors: pinks, light greens, blues, teals. No brown, dark grey or black that makes you blind while knitting 😀

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