To the infinity and beyond!

Last Saturday was the birthday of my friend Annalisa. We met unexpectedly in an activity that was not in my plans. Yes, we met in Capoeira class. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but I started practicing Capoeira because I was in the need of some aerobic activity. I went to the gym 5 minutes from my place and tried, or better said, suffered a first and last spinning class (the one with the bike, ha) and Koen convinced me to try Capoeira, that was also available at the same gym. And I got hooked. I met Annalisa there. She missed a lot of classes but together we convinced each other to take things more seriously. I just wanted to move a bit, do some exercise, and found a friend and a great sport. We instantly connected. It doesn’t happen often, it could have been that we both are thirty-something and in the same wavelength.

She is from Italy and spent the weekend there with her family. There was class today but she not going because she’s just arrived from Italy and I’m not going because I’ve been feeling not very well lately. I’ll give it to her at the next class. I have an appointment with my allergist tomorrow morning, so I stopped taking my antihistaminics last week just in case we are doing some tests again. Just the day after stopping  taking the pills I started to feel a bit ill, but I don’t know whether it’s either a cold or just allergy. It’s kind of weird, since among all the allergies I have (no few) ragweed was not one of them. But what else could be at this time of the year in a dry place? It’s not only that I’m sneezing all the time and I have a running nose, but I’m having itches all over my body, and in one of the pictures below you can see a couple of wheals on my face. I’m having them over and over and sometimes my lower lip gets a bit swollen on the left side. Last night I woke up at 4 am with a horrible itch just were the ankle joins the foot. I had to get up to put some cream to calm it down.

I have made this infinity scarf for Annalisa for her birthday. I more or less followed this recipe but my rectangle measurements were 150 x 56 cm (30 cm shorter than the original). Since this cotton blend is a knit I used a narrow zig-zag stitch. At first I was going to use cotton voile, since it’s what most infinity scarf recipes recommend, but I found this wonderful lacy knit I couldn’t let it pass. And I confess it, I love blue.

As you can see, I’ve recently bought a remote for my camera. This is from Amazon and it was cheaper than the official for Nikon. It’s simple but it does exactly what it’s expected. A nice buy!

The elasticity of the knit fabric makes the scarf very comfortable and versatile, something I hadn’t thought of before, when I was thinking of using cotton voile. It’s also very soft and breathable, and since it’s elastic you can even easily fold it in three for extra coziness.

Even if I’m not showing a happy and convinced face here I definitely love it. Just mind me, I have itches everywhere, a running nose and a light headache.


  1. Hope that you get to feeling better soon, nothing worse than being sick. As for the scarf I love the texture of that fabric, what a beautiful piece and using it as a scarf was genius.

    1. I took my antihistaminic after coming back from the hospital and I felt better, but I started with a migraine in the afternoon due to the weather changes. I feel better today, almost completely fine.

      It was good that I found that fabric, since I was going to use something different, and it wouldn’t have been so nice, drappy and soft.

  2. Ooh the light weight of that fabric would be so nice where I live. My daughter loves wearing scarves but its usually not practical.
    Hey, I’ve been trying raw honey on my skin for acne and its really helping. I know acne isn’t the same as allergies, but ive come to realize mine is a reaction to environment and food, usually. I have tried every medicine and over the counter cream. I’ve changed my diet in all sorts of way to improve my skin, but it was getting worse each week.
    We have a beehive so I thought I’d give honey a try, but I didn’t expect it to help. After two weeks,the acne is not totally gone but there are no new pimples (I was getting 2 new ones day) and the old ones are slowly healing. Plus my face is not as red and itchy. My pores seem smaller, too.
    I have a feeling it might calm your itchy, redness down, especially if you use raw honey that is local. I’ve also heard eating a spoon a day helps you deal with allergens from the inside out, since the bees are working with the pollen that you’re exposed to. Thought it was worth mentioning.

    1. Indeed the lightweight is nice for the weather we have here right not, but I guess it would be just perfect for your not so cold Winters. It’s a very easy project, so if one day you feel like sewing something, it’s worth to give it a try.

      Thank you for your advice about honey. I have an almost finished bottle with honey from where my family lives (it was a gift from my sister), but getting a local one makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure if it will work, since I’m mostly allergic to grasses and I don’t know whether honey can come from those; but it’s definitely worth just to try, isn’t it? The doctor told me that the itches and other symptoms right now where probably due to dust mites since it was raining a lot last week. I took my antihistaminic pill and they went away. She also proposed some vaccines to prevent dust mites and grass allergy. I’ve known people who got them as children and they were symptom free when I met them so I have high hopes for it.

      I’m glad that honey helped with your skin problems. They are probably not so important, but the skin is something that you immediately see and having issues there can be troublesome.

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