Serenity is gone

Some time ago I discovered a pattern to knit Serenity. I left my browser tab open for a very long time. Anytime I had to restart my computer I restored my tabs just to get that tab with the PDF pattern in it again. Just a reminder to knit it one day, not too late. But the last time I restored my tabs I received an error, and when I tried to reload it, the domain didn’t exist anymore.

I went again to the pattern Ravelry page and it still links to, which still links to the old link. Unfortunately the domain Klgardner doesn’t exist anymore. Browsing the web I also found the pattern here, but you need an Evernote account to access it.

Since this is a free pattern designed by Kelly Lane Gardner, and I guess she had an issue renewing the domain, I’m uploading it to my blog to have it available to everybody. You can download it here -> serenity_pattern

If the original link is reestablished and the author wants me to get it removed from here, I’ll do so, otherwise, please feel free to download it and thank Kelly for her effort. I’ve dropped her a line on her Raverly profile to let her know.

Updated: Kelly has just answered one of my messages and said that she has made some recent changes to her website and hopes to have it fixed soon. In the meantime feel free to download the pattern from here.

Updated 2: Kelly has moved the pattern to a new location. You can get it here.

Link to the pattern: serenity_pattern


  1. What a fun pattern! I’d never think of knitting Serenity. That’s some challenge to make all of those connecting shapes with knitting.

    1. I’ve knitted crochet amigurumis but this pattern makes me want to try with knitting. I’m not very handy with DPNs but I could maybe try if I manage with circulars. One day I’ll try, I promise.

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