More than 15 years later

If you’ve been following me for a while you would think that after the Summer frenzy participating in sew alongs, it appears I’m suddenly doing nothing. It’s not that Fall has me completely paralyzed, it’s not that I have no ideas for future sewing projects. In fact I have a lot in my head right now, but I need to finish some projects for this month. Koen and I are attending a Tolkien convention at the end of this month and we need to be properly attired. That means that I have a lot of planning, designing and sewing.

My dress is more or less on track. I’m getting my inspiration from this wonderful Cation Designs project (hey, Cynthia, I hope you don’t mind) drafting the pattern myself and using 4.5 meters of blue sateen from that fabric by the kilo shop I’ve mentioned before. I think I bought that fabric more than 15 years ago, when I first had plans to attend this convention but finally couldn’t. Then life got in the way and here I am with that fabric more than 15  years later and finally going for the first time. I made a cape at that moment that I still treasure so I’ll wear it this time.

Picture taken from Cation Designs

And off course Koen wanted a costume too. He is such an easy going person that when we talk about clothes he surprises me because nothing is good enough for him. And off course no matter what I say and how popular capes are in the Spanish Tolkien Society, he maintains his no capes policy.

We browsed the internet a bit and we found these pictures as inspiration:

He also wanted a faux leather vest like the Zoe’s in Firefly, but with simpler lines.

As I wanted Koen to feel involved and happy with his costume we went fabric shopping together and he chose the fabrics for his costume. For the vest he chose a beautiful dark brown faux leather and for the pants a dark grey fabric that was ok. But for the shirt he chose a beige knit that is still giving me headaches. And off course, from the original design he just wants that open slit with strings, because he wants short sleeves and the general structure of a t-shirt; ah, and he wants to tuck it inside his pants, so the look will be completely different. That wouldn’t be a problem if he also wanted a regular t-shirt collar. I bought the Strathcona Henley from Thread Theory designs and I improvised some facings to imitate what he wanted (and which don’t want to behave properly). Now that it’s almost finished and he’s tried it on he’s just asked for a tongue like the one of a shoe to conceal a bit his chest. I’m still thinking about how to do that.

For the pants I’m planning to adapt his Jedediah but I’m getting worried because I don’t seem to be able to finish anything and I’m running out of time. I’ve cut the vest but I still need to see if it has the desired length and I’m still thinking how to resolve the stringy thingy he wants for the sides. Ah, and he also wants bracers and a pouch. We seriously need to sit down together this weekend to make this work out.


  1. Certainly sounds like you have your hands full. I always hear men say I am not picky about what I wear, until it comes right down to it, and then it is a completely different story. But I am sure you will pull it off, making good use of your time. I can’t wait to see your garment, having hoarded all that beautiful blue fabric for 15 years! WOW.. Good luck and I look forward to pictures of you both, all dolled up.

  2. Wow! The work to be done here! I understand you buying this fabric for a project … and that this project is waiting fifteen years … it happens the same to me … but the important thing is that you have a chance to go to that event now … sewing … and enjoy very much, dear Elena … and do not forget many pics!!

    1. It’s like those projects were very important once and then you feel you’ll never get them done, and suddenly one day you can rescue that old fabric and start dreaming like 15 years before. It’s almost magical! And this time somebody important comes along. It’s going to be superb! I promise lots of pictures 🙂 Thank you for your comment, sweet Rosy.

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