A weekend crafting with Bowie

I wanted to write this post days ago but life got in the way, work piled up and days have just 24 hours. I could use my time in a better way if the Doctor came for me and left me here again just 5 minutes later, but I wouldn’t then probably be writing posts but fighting for my life in a different place and time.

As the Tolkien convention is approaching (November 1st, gulp!) we need to get our costumes ready. I spent last weekend sewing parts of my dress and drafting a making a muslin for Koen’s pants. He finally found another design that appeal him more than the previous one, and after a couple of days trying to wrap my head over that front design and consulting with Koen, I finally used the Jedediah pants pattern and then drafted front and back yokes to get a similar effect. I made a muslin for shorts and it looked exactly how he wanted so that’s one big thing less to worry about.

In the meantime he was busy with a hammer putting metallic eyelets to his faux leather vest. Just give a hammer to a man and he’ll be happy to help you 😉 Koen is half naked here, but don’t be mistaken, it was quite cold and I was wearing a thick sweater. I guess that happens when you have Belgian genes!

I bought a couple of meters of leather cord just to test how it would look like. Koen loved it from the instant he saw it. And it smells a lot of leather. One funny thing is that Koen used almost all two meters just for the shoulders! I bought more for this weekend, but I just hope he learns to leave short ends.

See how innocent he looks! You can hardly believe he used almost two meters of cord just for the shoulders. Just a little angel (and the pony my sister gave me years ago is watching him so that he doesn’t waste cord, mwhahahaha).

We were working for hours on end while listening to David Bowie, one of my last obsessions. I think working too hard is affecting me and listening to Bowie after work while I load the dishwasher is quite therapeutic. It could be the strange lyrics, the rhythm or his sexy voice.

And about this song… if you didn’t know, it’s the main theme of the TV show Life on Mars (ha, same title). We watched the first episode of the British series some time ago. At first I was not very convinced by the main actor and Koen found the plot too weird.

And you know, there are so many shows to watch that we didn’t continue with it; but after seeing again John Simm performing as The Master, I completely changed my mind. This scene is pure energy!

(SPOILERS: This is already a bit old but just in case, don’t watch it you haven’t seen the last 3 episodes of season 3)

Those episodes were hard and so enjoyable at the same time. They remain as my favorite of the new series. And as this post is already heavy on videos, I leave you one more from the Doctor Who Confidential behind the scenes. Too much stress, bring on the Doctor.


  1. Wow! Next thing you know, you guys will be forging your own weapons 🙂 Can’t wait to see your dress! For some reason my ipad won’t let me watch embedded videos, so I’ll have to wait to see yours, but I have seen John Simm in both shows and love him. I started with the American version of Life on Mars and liked it less as it neared an end- though Harvey Keitel is always good. But I found the British version so much better! To me it was less obvious, more subtle, and felt like sci-fi. I loved the complexity Simm played his character with. I think my favorite Bowie songs will always be Blue Jean and Ashes to Ashes, two completely different styles but both fill me with nostalgia.

    1. Michelle, you read our minds! Since some time ago Koen wants to be able to forge his own knife. It started when he begun collecting old cut-throat razors and sharpening them to make them usable. As you see, he’s also a very crafty person, the only problem is that many of the things he’d like to do are impossible to achieve in an apartment. Well, we’ll find a solution one day.

      I have to give a second try to Life on Mars, since I’m now so convinced about John Simm. I didn’t know Harvey Keitel was on the American version, but that’s already enough reason to try that one too. Keitel was one of my favorite actors when I was studying video and cinema (yep, I’ve done various things in my life).

      For me it’s very difficult to name just one or two favorite songs from Bowie. It changes from day to day and it depends a lot on my mood. I love Space Oddity for its allusions to 2001, The man who sold the word, Change, Rebel rebel, Moonage Daydream, … And some days I can’t stop singing Panic in Detroit 😀

  2. Cada vez que veo tus progresos cosiendo, me entran unas ganas terribles de apuntarme a algún curso de patronaje y costura!! Qué maravilla poder hacerte tu propia ropa!!
    Me apunto estas series, que ya voy acabando las que estoy viendo 🙂

    1. Es muy adictivo, Violeta. Las bases son bastante fáciles, y en cuanto se aprende a transformar el patrón base no hay límite a tus creaciones. Ojalá tuviera más tiempo, porque no pararía de hacerme ropa 😀

  3. Yo también estoy viendo Dr Who ahora. Acabo de terminar la temporada 4 y me está gustando mucho. David Tennant es un gran Doctor, me enganché más en la segunda temporada porque él es mucho mejor que el primero. Si los capítulos del Amo te han gustado, espera a lo que sigue.
    Pasadlo bien en la convención!!!
    Un abrazo!

    1. Esos capítulos los vi hace un mes. Ahora estoy comenzando la temporada 7. La 6 estuvo bien pero me esperaba un final un poco más espectacular. A ver qué pasa después y qué tal toma el relevo Peter Capaldi después de Matt Smith 😀

      Gracias, un beso 🙂

  4. I’m going to have to get hold of Life on Mars, that little video was terrific! I loved him as the Master too, so baby faced to play off how evil his character was 🙂

    1. I loved how he play the Master. I think that baby face was part of what put me off Life on Mars, but after seeing him playing the Master I’m going to give the series a second change.

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