Knitting for a friend’s baby

My friend Vanessa had her second baby this past September so I decided to knit something for the baby for my visit during Christmas. I went again for Aviatrix and this time I made a 3 months size Beyond Puerperium.

I didn’t want to go for the usual baby pink and I found this hot pink in Artesano Superwash Merino that I loved so much last year. This yarn knits wonderfully and the stitch definition is great. Since I finished the cardigan already at my mother’s place and due to the humidity and the poor heating (compared to my apartment) I steamed block it instead of the normal wet blocking I always do. It worked just fine.

I bought coordinated buttons in two different sizes for the hat and the cardigan. At first I thought about white buttons, but then I saw this purple ones and I just loved the contrast.

I gave this two garments to my friend a couple of days ago and she liked them a lot. Not only that, but the others were also amazed and Ana couldn’t stop herself from making pictures of them.

I know these girls since kindergarten and we still see each other at least a couple of times a year. We talk about the present, the past and the future like no time has passed between this and the previous time. We met when we were children, we grew up together, studied together and went out together when we were teenagers. It’s very comforting that after the years we still see each other to talk about our things and confidences.

Note: You can check out my Ravelry notes for Aviatrix and Beyond Puerperium.