Completed: Reversible Zippie Hoodie

So many days without posting anything. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve been idle, just the opposite. I haven’t stopped or had time for myself. And here one of the things that kept me busy after work. I’ve already mentioned it a couple of times here and I can finally show it. To be honest I finished this hoodie a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t have time to take pictures of it. These were taken at my mother’s place and I think this was the only day with decent light and this the spot with a bit of it. Anyway, the light here is not the same as in Madrid and I’m the lucky tenant of an apartment with lots of natural light. Well, you have to do with what you have.

The pattern is the Reversible Zippie Hoddie from KitschyCoo, and I wanted to make it since it came out. Usually I knot sweaters for my niece, but I wanted something this year and I thought that this pattern with two lovely fabrics would be perfect.

I went fabric hunting around Madrid but I found nothing that got me inspired, so I finally bought this cotton and this fleece with Winnie the Pooh motives from Plush Addict. They really have the most wonderful fabrics for children, so beautiful and so many that it took me some days to decide which ones.

The construction of the hoodie was quite easy and those fabrics were easy to work with. The cuffs were a bit fiddly due to the small size but I was amazed at the construction of that part. You just need to follow the instructions blindly and when you turn the hoodie right side out it’s like magic, with perfect sleeves and perfect cuffs, and everything falls nicely in place.

And it’s reversible, can you see? I discovered an old haberdashery in Madrid were they have zippers of many different colors, they cut them to the size you need and install a reversible puller if you ask for it. And they were so kind!

Paula loved it from the moment she saw it. So much that she wanted to wear it to go out that same day. Isn’t she lovely with her new reversible zippie hoodie? It’s clear that Amanda designs the most amazing garments for children.