Completed: Monsters Blouse

One of the things that I’ve missed this year was going to a couple of rockabilly festivals. It’s difficult to attend this kind of events when you have food issues, but as soon as I get better, I’ll definitely go… and wear this blouse.

It’s Gertie’s 40s style blouse again. I purchased the fabric at Plush Addict almost by accident. I was looking for something else but I saw that there were 70 cm left of this Robert Kaufman‘s cotton and I couldn’t let it go. This blouse requires very little fabric, but 70 cm at 110 cm width was cutting it a bit short, so I had to use some black cotton I had in my stash left from my Nemesis Blouse. I used this black cotton for the collar and sleeves. I quite like the result, even though it reminds me of what the waiter at the Lunch Box would wear. No print matching here, since I was lucky to have just enough to make the blouse bodice.

I just love this pattern. It fits out of the envelope like it was designed for me. No mods again on this. I’m working on a third blouse and I’ve already cut a fourth. And you know, I will probably sew a couple more to be ready to rock them during Me Made May and future rockabilly festivals. And the tiki party I want to throw out since some time ago too. I need to build a proper wardrobe 😉

I’m really longing for warmer weather to be able to wear these blouses. It’s just no fun at all covering these with layers of sweaters and coats. Luckily spring usually comes early here and I’ll be ready for it!

I installed snaps again because I like how they look on this blouse and I don’t really need it to be truly vintage. I tried several colors and went for red again.

Have I told you that Gerry gets very nervous about my lipstick? He even tries to bite it and gets a nice colored beak.

And I leave you a song that was part of what I listened to while sewing this blouse:


    1. Thank you, Dona! I also like the result with the contrasting sleeves and collar. It’s something I’ve been thinking thoroughly during the week I was with my family and far from my machine. And it was the only option in the end! I’m very happy with the end result and I see many more of these blouses in the future.

  1. This is brilliant! I love the fabric so much, and think the black contrasting fabric looks great. And what’s not to love about David Bowie!

    1. Thank you, Lynne. I’m also happy with the contrasting fabric, and I’m looking forward to better weather to be able to wear it! And yeah, Bowie is the best!

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