Completed: Margot Pajama Bottoms

I bought this cotton flannel sheet in Retales Lidia by the kilo. I don’t remember the price, but it was ridiculously cheap and I still have tons left. First I wanted to make the Tofino pants, but I was not 100% convinced about the leg width and I wanted a quick project. If we’re going to fret about pajamas, then what are we going to do about trousers or a fitted dress. No, I’ve learn just to put my energy where it’s required, and pajama bottoms is not the task for that. Am I right?

This pattern is from Tilly‘s book Love at First Stitch. The construction of these pajama bottoms was very easy and the only mods were chopping 5 cm from the bottom (exactly like my Thurlows) and adding en elastic to the waist, just exactly like Lauren did. I examined the pair of pajama bottoms I was wearing while sewing this and the construction was different. They have a closed elastic band and a drawstring on top. I thought of mimicking this but I saw Lauren’s idea more convenient. I just took some elastic I had left from the Prefontaine Shorts (ugh, unblogged), and when comfortable stretched it was almost the length of my waist. I sewed then twill tape to both ends. This way is more convenient than my RTW pants because if I need to change the elastic one day, I can just do it through the hole on the front.

This pink giraffe is my proposal for Jungle January. I’m not usually too keen on animal prints, but once I saw this one I had to have it. The socks are the Maria Denmark socks I made last October.

I cut a size 3 but I was really in between size 2 and 3. When I finished them I thought they were too loose, or at least looser than other pajama bottoms I own, but you know, they are all right, very comfortable, and I can even do a martelo of Capoeira while wearing them. I could shorten the front crotch by 3 or 4 cm next time though.

This t-shirt was one of the two t-shirts that I bought during my first Rockabilly Day in Belgium in 2007.


    1. They are very comfortable indeed! I’ve been wearing them non-stop this week, since I work from home and I only dress up to go to the grocery store, I foresee a lot more wearing, at least until the weather warms up a bit.

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